Plasmonix’s development focus is on innovative and superior approaches for bioanalysis that are based primarily on Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence. Current bioanalysis practices in life science research and diagnostics depend heavily on long-established luminescent  detection techniques that have experienced only modest incremental advances over the last few decades.  Our technology promises to dramatically improve existing technology to the point that detection capability will no longer be a limiting barrier in assay performance.  Plasmonix’s products both improve the performance of current fluorescent assays and expand the application of fluorescence detection to assays where it is not a viable detection method currently.

Nanoscale technologies are proving to have applicability in nearly all industries. Plasmonix is commercializing several technologies related to metal-nanoparticle-enhancement of fluorescence through localized surface plasmons.

Additionally, we are developing microwave-accelerated reactions that include microwave-mediated rapid lysis of biological samples and microwave acceleration of assays. Our commercialization approach for all of our products includes both direct and partnered product development and sales channels.

In addition, we expect to partner and sublicense other industrial applications of Metal Enhanced Luminescence: apparel, cosmetics, paints, lighting, solar and communications.

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