QuantaWellRM 2.0 Microplates

QuantaWell 2.0 microplates are standard microplates coated with metal nanoparticles that enhance fluorescent signals via a plasmonic effect.    These plates behave like regular hi-bind plates  in that they can be coated with capture antibody or  protein or peptides.  They are compatible with PBS buffer, and can be used with 10% serum.  They can be used with any fluorescent dye in the visible range, although work best with Sure-Light P1 (Columbia Biosciences) (see APPLICATION NOTES).   They offer:

  • 20x increase in fluorescent intensity
  • 2 order of magnitude increase in dynamic range
  • rapid protocol:  complete in under 3 hours
  • save money:  no need for HRP substrates
  • can be used with most fluorophores, most plate readers, most buffers and  50% serum

The figure below shows a nearly 100-fold enhanced fluorescence signal from QuantaWell 2.0 microplates compared to untreated microplates.  QW GraphThe QuantaWell 2.0 microplates were coated with 2 µg/ml of IgG, then titrated with biotin-anti IgG which was detected with 1 µg/mL of SAPE.  The sensitivity is 20-fold greater in the QuantaWell 2.0 microplates.  The microplates were read in a Molecular Devices FilterMax F5 fluorometer. 

These plates can be coated with capture antibody or other protein just like traditional hi-bind plates and bind similar amount of protein.  These plates can be washed and blocked with BSA or most other agents except dry milk.  Dye-conjugated secondary antibodies or streptavidin-conjugated dyes can be used for detection using virtually any fluorophore.  The plasmonic enhancement will occur only when a fluorophore is 10 – 50 nm from the metal nanoparticles coating the surface, so these plates work well for assays occurring on the surface of the plate but will not work  for assays occurring in bulk solution.

These plates are compatible with 50% human serum and with 10% fetal bovine serum.  They can be used with most fluorescent plate readers (except Victor readers) and with most fluorophores.   They can be stored at room temperature where they are stable for at least 6 months.


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QuantaWell 2.0, 96-wellQW2-96from stock$ 32/plate, 1 - 9 plates
$ 29/plate, 10 - 19 plates
$ 26/plate, 20 - 29 plates
QuantaWell 2.0, strip-wellQW2-SWLimited stock$ 42/plate, 1 - 9 plates
$ 39/plate, 10 - 19 plates
QuantaWell 2.0, 384-wellQW2-384Upon request$ 37/plate, 10 - 19 plates

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