Plasmonix is introducing products that utilize Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence technology. Our QuantaWellTM, QuantArrayTM, and QuantaNPTM products deliver 10- to 1000-fold increases in fluorescent signals relative to background, which enable high-sensitivity fluorescent life science and diagnostic assays.  Plasmonix’s products both improve performance of current fluorescent assays and expand the utility of fluorescence detection to assays where low-abundance targets or problematic matrices have excluded fluorescence as a viable detection method.

Released Products

QuantaWell 2.0™  Catalog # QW2.0. Improve the sensitivity and dynamic range of your fluorescent immunoassay. 

QuantaWell 2.0 microplates can be used for immunoassays when ELISA sensitivity is not needed and when untreated plates yield insufficient signal.   QuantaWell 2.0 microplates are coated with nanoparticles which enhance fluorescent signals from any fluorophore within 50 nm of the surface via a plasmonic effect.

  • 20x increase in fluorescent intensity
  • 2 order of magnitude increase in dynamic range
  • rapid protocol:  complete in under 3 hours
  • save money:  no need for HRP substrates
  • can be used with any fluorophore and most plate readers

The figure below shows a nearly 100-fold enhanced fluorescence signal from QuantaWell 2.0 microplates compared to untreated microplates.  QW GraphThe QuantaWell 2.0 microplates were coated with 2 µg/ml of IgG, then titrated with biotin-anti IgG which was detected with 1 µg/mL of SAPE.  The sensitivity is 20-fold greater in the QuantaWell 2.0 microplates.  The microplates were read in a Molecular Devices FilterMax F5 fluorometer. 

The QuantaWell 2.0 is designed to be used as an alternative microplate in many conventional assays where the significant improvement in fluorescent signal delivers a real benefit to end users.  We are developing assay applications with customers and collaborators and would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we might improve your assay’s performance.

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Please click here to view QuantaWell 2.0 brochure.    Please click here to view Application Notes for QuantaWell 2.0.                      


Catalog # QW2.0         $ 32 per plate for 1 – 9 plates
                                         $ 29 per plate for 10 – 19 plates
                                         $ 26 per plate for 20 – 29 plates

                                                 Shipping charges are additional.

Please contact us for further discounts on higher volumes.

Ordering Information 

Please call (410-779-9201) or email ( us with your order.  QuantaWell microplates will be shipped upon receipt of your Purchase Order via overnight carrier.  Shipping charges are additional.



Pipeline Products

QuantArray™ Microarray Substrates.    These are microarray slides employing Plasmonix’s technology to deliver enhanced assay sensitivity of 20- to 150-fold over conventional microarray substrates.  QuantArrays can be used with both DNA and protein assays and are designed to utilize current assay measurement equipment.  They are particularly well suited to protein arrays where amplification alternatives are not readily available.  We expect QuantaArray products to be available by April 2014.

QuantaWell 3.0™.  In 2014 we expect to introduce the QuantaWell 3.0, a higher-enhancement microplate, that will at least match ELISA sensitivity and deliver improved economics and assay performance for both our business partners and end users.

QuantaNP Nanoparticle Reagents.    The QuantaNP configuration is a direct detection reagent that delivers impressive performance that rivals that of amplification techniques — including PCR — with simpler, faster and cheaper assays.

If interested in more information or in evaluating our QuantaWell,, QuantArray or QuantaNP products, please call  Plasmonix to discuss your particular assay  at 410-779-9201 or email us at