Plasmonix’s focus is to apply its proprietary Metal Enhanced Fluorescence (MEF) technology to create new products that enhance fluorescence and luminescence signals in life sciences and diagnostic applications.  The fundamental phenomenon behind Metal Enhanced Fluorescence is the discovery that fluorophores that are brought within 10 to 50 nanometers of certain metal nanoparticles significantly boost fluorescent and luminescent signal intensity.  This discovery is supported by hundreds of scientific publications and patents.

The foundation of Plasmonix’s science is an extensive patent portfolio licensed from the University of Maryland along with established  relationships with leading researchers in the field.

Our first commercial product, QuantaWell 2.0 plates, is a 96-well microplate that enhance fluorescent signals by 20 fold (see products).  We expect to release QuantArray slides for proteomic applications later in 2014 and are also working on QuantaNP nanoparticles for solution-based applications.  All of these products enhance fluorescent or luminescent signals by 20 -  1000 fold and are designed to bring fluorescence and luminescence assays to a dramatically higher level of sensitivity in life sciences applications.