Plasmonix manufactures and sells products that enhance fluorescence and luminescence signals in life sciences and in diagnostic applications.  All of our products use Metal Enhanced Fluorescence (MEF), a recently discovered phenomenon that when fluorophores are brought to within 10 to 50 nanometers of certain metal nanoparticles, their fluorescent intensity is increased by orders of magnitude.  This discovery is now supported by hundreds of scientific publications and patents, many of which have been licensed by Plasmonix.  For more information on MEF, please see our  Technology page.

Our first product, QuantaWell 2.0 plates, enhances fluorescent signals by 20 – 50 fold (see products) and is useful for fluorescent immuno- and other assays.  It is available in 96-well, 384-well and strip-well formats.

Our QuantArray slides for proteomic applications are currently being beta-tested and are expected to be commercially available later in 2014.  Our QuantaNP nanoparticles for solution-based applications are also expected to be released later this year.