Plasmonix has developed a revolutionary technology that increases fluorescent signal by 20X to 200X over traditional approaches depending on your assay and format. This technology, known as Metal Enhanced Fluorescence (MEF), is a fundamentally different approach to building fluorescent assays and represents the first quantum leap in increasing signal intensity in nearly 50 years.

Research Laboratories:
Increase your Effectiveness

Metal Enhanced Fluorescence will improve your immunofluorescent assays.

  • SENSITIVITY: pg level detection enables you to detect proteins or antibodies that were previously undetectable.
  • ACCURACY: You will detect lower amounts of analyte with better statistical precision.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Creating assays is faster, easier and can be done with fewer incubation/wash steps.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE: Eliminating the need for HRP and other enzymes and substrates results in reduced reagent costs.

Incorporating MEF into your immunofluorescent assays will benefit your research via gains in sensitivity, speed, accuracy and cost savings. Learn more about the advantages of Metal Enhanced Fluorescence , how the technology works, and how to order your slides or plates.

Kit Manufacturers:
Upgrade Your Assay’s Performance

MEF can be used in your commercial assays. Increase your assay’s efficiency by incorporating MEF in your kit.

  • OEM  Metal Enhanced Fluorescence to give your assay an immediate increase in sensitivity
  • BOOST YOUR KIT PERFORMANCE: differentiate your company’s products by offering customers substantial benefits
    • Enable your customers to detect and analyze analytes that were previously undetectable
    • Enhance customers’ productivity with simpler assays
    • Save them money: eliminate the need for enzymes and for substrates

Incorporating Plasmonix’ technology into your kit will enhance the performance of your product and enable your customers to do ground-breaking research by expanding the boundaries of sandwich immunofluorescent assays and ELISA-like assays.  Contact us to upgrade your assay.

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