Plasmonix has developed a revolutionary technology that increases fluorescence intensity by 20X to 200X over traditional approaches.  This technology, known as Metal Enhanced Fluorescence (MEF), is a fundamentally different approach to building extremely high sensitivity fluorescence assays and represents the first quantum leap in increasing signal intensity in nearly 50 years.  Plasmonix has incorporated Metal Enhanced Fluorescence technology into the following products which provide the user with an easy way to enhance fluorescence intensity.

 QuantaWell      QuantaWell-2 Microplates

These nanoparticle-coated microplates enhance fluorescence intensity by 20 – 50 fold.  They can be used to   run fluorescent immunoassays using dye-labeled primary antibodies or with biotinylated detection antibodies and streptavidin-conjugated dyes.  They are available in 96-well, 384-well and strip-well formats.  More information is available here.


QuantArray      QuantArray Slides for Proteomics

These nanoparticle-coated microarray slides enhance fluorescence signals by 100 – 200 fold.  They are coated with epoxy silane to insure strong adherence of protein or antibodies.   They are compatible with all dyes and can be read in all  slide readers.   More information is available here.


NP       QuantaNP Nanoparticles.

These nanoparticles are decorated with fluorescent dyes and antibodies.  We expect to release these later in 2015 for use in solution-based immunoassays.



 QuantaSlips.  QuantaSlips are cover-slips coated with nanoparticles designed to enhance fluorescence from immunostained tissues.



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